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windowslivewriterdokterjugapahlawan.part1-a23cbendera3August, 17 is a national independence day of Indonesia which is usually celebrates with flag ceremony in the morning, bunting from standard-bearer of flag, sing an Indonesia Raya song, and honor the red-white flag of Indonesia.

My heart always vibrates to welcome this day, want to cry. And always imagine how hard the buffetings of our patriots to bear arms against the colonizer; Japan, Netherlands, England, and Portuguese. They have loss many things to arrogate our independence; perspiration, blood, tears, evens a soul. And now what? We, Indonesian people, are freedom. Thanks to the Indonesian patriots.

I am grateful because born after the Independence Day. I just can’t imagine what will happen to me if I live on ‘that’ period. Can I defendable? Will they –colonizer- force me to become a Jugun Ianfu? Shall I height treason? Do I willing sacrifice my soul to get the independence? Well, I don’t know. Continue Reading »