I am very proud to be an Indonesian

Indonesia_the_Place_I_Belong_by_RegMARTIndonesia is in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is a biggest archipelago country in the world. It comprises 17, 508 islands with an estimated population of around 237 million people, and has the largest Muslim population in the world but very democrats for every religion. Across its many islands, Indonesia consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. Indonesia’s national motto, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (“Unity in Diversity” literally, “many, yet one”), articulates the diversity that shapes the country. Garuda or mythical bird is a bird in official seal of Republic of Indonesia.

I am very proud to be an Indonesian.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia

Indonesia has hundreds traditional clothes. It has a hundreds traditional bagpipe. It has hundreds of dialect local. It has hundreds folklores. It has hundreds folksongs. It has 33 provinces. It has national language that is Indonesian language what make all of Indonesian inhabitants related to each other. It is mean that Indonesia is reflecting a rich culture country but keep in one.


I am very proud to be an Indonesian.

All of Indonesian patriots have loss many things to arrogate our independence; perspiration, blood, tears, evens a soul. They battled all out against the colonizer to proclamation of Independence. All of that’s buffeting of Indonesian patriots make me think that the independence is a count for much thing. Independence is not a gift from the colonizer by virtue of a bleeding heart. It is something to hard-fought.

I am very proud to be an Indonesian who has strong patriots.

Indonesia has Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Komodo Island, Ujung Kulon National Park, Lorentz National Park, Sangiran, Leuser National Park, Puppet Shadow, and Keris which have being the world’s heritage from UNESCO. And ones other things ever have been seven wonder of worlds.

borobudur temple

borobudur temple

batik tulis indonesia
I am very proud to be an Indonesian.

I know Indonesian is still a shortage of many things. But, I love to write that is Indonesia never stop to learn to make it be better than this. At least, Indonesia has not stolen everything from the other country; folksong, folklore, culture, etc.

And once again, I shout out loud, “I’M VERY-VERY-VERY PROUD TO BE AN INDONESIAN!!!!!

Can you hear that?????!!!!


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